Beyond Sex-Addiction and

Ebook Sex
  • How important is sex in your life?

  • Does your relationship fulfil your sexual needs?

  • Does your sexual relationship create intimacy?

  • Is it more than a partnership demand or duty?

  • What do you understand about the forces that drive men more than women?

  • What do you understand about the difference between devotion and self-sacrifice?

In this book, I answer these questions and explain

  • how differently men and women value sexuality
  • how sexuality can either be embedded within a mature relationship or caught up in a dependent one and
  • how you can liberate your sexuality.   

Although there has been so much written upon sex, this topic has been given surprisingly little attention.

Sexuality is different for men and women and leads to many misunderstandings and conflicts. Once you understand these differences, you will be in a much better position to take care of your own needs and the ones of your partner.

Liberated sexuality has great potential for creating a fulfilled intimate relationship. In addition, sexual energy gives great power in shaping many areas of your life such as health, creativity, personal and spiritual growth.

In our culture, we only use a small part of this potential. In this book, I explain how a dominant and adapted sexuality restrict lives and promote suffering.

People who suffer from sex addiction or co-dependency often do not realize that their suffering is not the result of personal failure, but of false ideals and beliefs.

From talking to many people this issue is central although often a hidden problem.

This book helps you:

  • to explore and to develop your sexual potential

  • to understand how biological and social differences between men and women determine how both genders deal with sex

  • to identify how far you submit your sexual needs to the needs of the partner rather than using sexuality for your own well-being

  • to recognize the fears that prevent you from realizing your full sexual potential

  • to identify how sexual addiction impacts the rest of your life

The book also gives you insights on how to free up your sexual potential as a single person or as a couple. Each path is unique and individual. I encourage you to explore and find your right path to liberate your sexuality.

What readers say about this book:

Ulla Sebastian makes it clear in her book that sex addiction and co-dependency are not satisfying. Based on her many years of theoretical and practical experience, she moves back and forth between cultural and personal imprints with an impressive and engaging lightness.

The author takes the reader on an exciting journey covering Christian notions of sexuality as well as far Eastern traditions and perspectives. She encourages the reader to reflect upon their sexual practices and offers solutions on how to free themselves from sex addiction and co-dependency.

The author honestly admits that there is no perfect model for a liberated sexuality. Unlike many other works , she opens the space for the reader to find the right path to free themselves from sexual addiction and co-dependency. This makes the book so valuable and worth reading.

This book complements the second companion book: "Finding Fulfilment in Love" and the Manual "How to Become Director of Your Life" that you receive in this set.

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