Finding Fulfilment in Love

  • What is love? What distinguishes dependent love from mature love?

  • Which are the stages of development relationships go through? What are the illusions that couples often hold at the beginning of a relationship?

  • What distinguishes infatuation from real intimacy?

  • What can you do when you both feel misunderstood and not respected in the relationship because of your essential differences?

  • What is relationship addiction? How do you recognize the difference between relationship addiction and the normal desire for the partner?

  • In cases of separation, which strategies have proved to be unwise? Which ones are helpful?

Ebook Love

Relationships play a central role in the lives of most people. Given the importance of relationships, it is therefore surprising how little we are prepared to consciously and purposefully build relationships

Have you ever thought about the following questions?

  • What values and skills make up a healthy relationship, as opposed to a dependent one?

  • What skills did your parents consciously teach you and what did they model through their example?

  • What did you learn from your teachers on this topic?

  • What do you need to learn to live a healthy and mature relationship?

In my book, I answer these questions and show you how to recognize various stages of relationships. In addition,, how you can move on to more mature stages and also how you can turn separations into a positive experience in your life.

No word gets misused so often as the word love. Unfortunately, this often leads to prejudices and misunderstandings.

In my book I will show you in clear, graphic form differences between dependent and mature love. Starting from our understanding of love as a physical experience, we expand the view to include a beloved partner. From there we develop an understanding of love that include  towards an understanding of love, that includes many people and connects us to life and the power of the universal love.

Separations often crop up out of misunderstandings between men and women. Although it seems as if men and women have now largely come into balance, this can cover up social-biological imprints. These imprints have arisen over millennia, and still determine the thoughts and feelings of women and men to a high degree.

Once you understand these differences, you can apply the strategies that I outline in the book to successfully develop a fulfilling, harmonious partnership.

Many people don't look beyond the first phase of infatuation and believe they have found the perfect relationship. However, to achieve real intimacy is often an arduous and lengthy process. Once you succeed, you will find your are well on your way to a mature love relationship.

This book gives you the necessary guidance, practical advice and assistance.

The book helps you to recognize:

  • that love can be understood in many different ways

  • that love encompasses a wide range of understanding and different developmental stages and at what stage you are at

  • which skills promote healthy relationships and which abilities inhibit them

  • that relationships are not over when you reached the stage of: "You're wrong!"

  • that a separation is not the end of the world, but an opportunity for your personal growth

  • how to apply the skills you learn from this book for yourself  or together with your partner

What readers say about this book:

In this book, Ulla Sebastian takes the reader on an exciting and at the same time productive trip to the depths of the self.

She explains in clear and simple words how personal development and the development of a relationship are connected. Her practical and coherent advice will help the reader to master the transition between the various stages of a relationship.

She opens the eye of the reader to rarely questioned notions of relationship patterns that lead men and women to many misunderstandings and conflicts. By pointing out the natural differences between men and women she opens the path to mature relationships.

Even a separation does not mean the end of the world. She explains the strategies that will help you to develop a more mature relationship with yourself. From there how to come together with an important other.

This combination of background knowledge and practical assistance makes this book especially valuable and worth reading.

This book complements the second companion book: "Beyond Sex-Addiction and Co-Dependence" and the Manual "How to Become Director of Your Life" that you receive in this set.

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