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How to Become Director of Your Life

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  • Can you accept yourself the way you are, or do you worry more about what other people think about you?

  • Do you believe that you always have to be perfect, or can you allow yourself the joy of learning by trial and error?

  • Are you threatened by mistakes or does the idea of experimenting excite you?

  • Do you have an inner critic that devalues you? Have you ever wondered where this inner critic comes from?

  • Do you know what you want in your life and do you go for it?

  • Do you have the courage to try something new even if it means taking risks?

  • Do you trust yourself and the choices you make?

These are the questions that I have encountered from both myself and from people all around the world.

The answer to all these questions is in the manual, which I have prepared in such as way that you can easily navigate through the detailed table of contents to find the specific question you would like to address

Although change can sometimes take time and be uncomfortable, with patience and perseverance it becomes a rewarding path as you transform into the director of your own life.  

With examples from my own personal experience, I demonstrate how you can find new ways of  solving old problems.


This manual will act as a companion to lead you step by step through this process.
It will help you :

  • to create your life the way you want it

  • to have confidence to try out new ways of being without having to be perfect

  • to find your true greatness

  • to convert your inner critic into a well-meaning ally and how to deal constructively with criticism

  • to use the knowledge of your body and your intuitive awareness to your advantage

  • to build inner strength and discipline

  • to make the right decisions using the wisdom of your inner guide

  • to learn how to expand your vision beyond your brain's usual filters

  • to change your view point from lack to abundance

  • To find your best learning zone

  • To understand the reasons for mistrust and strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem

  • to identify and neutralize “poor advisers” such as fear, hurt pride and feelings of powerlessness

  • to say goodbye to your suffering as a victim of your circumstances and to cultivate a positive attitude towards life

  • to identify and realize your life's purpose


What readers say about this book:

The knowledge of this author has been with me for over thirty years and has encouraged my development considerably.

In this manual, Ulla Sebastian has summarized her knowledge so clearly that anyone who follows the instructions, will benefit. The journey is worth it. I highly recommend it to anyone!

I bought the three e-books and I am absolutely thrilled. I've heard and read a lot about this topic, but her books bring everything to the point.

I know how to be a victim. I have been one all my life although I tried to fight it. This book very clearly points out how I manage to become the victim and what I can do to leave this impasse; Ulla Sebastian makes it clear that I have the capacity to determine my life and my reality. With the support of this book, I can learn to take responsibility for my life.

With its flexible structure, the synthesis of background knowledge and specific instructions, the book is brief, simple and clear to read, and thus well suited for every reader. The striking compilation of the most important statements of the book allows you to set priorities according to your own needs, and will take you, with ease and joy. in the direction of a self-determined life.

This manual complements the two companion books: "Finding Fulfilment in Love" and "Beyond Sexual Addiction and Co-Dependence" that you receive in this set.

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